Great Gold at Vinavin 2019

Piedra Luenga Vinagre de Pedro Ximénez has been awarded with GREAT GOLD and Piedra Luenga Vinagre de Crianza has been awarded with GOLD at VINAVIN, International Contest of Vinegars.

The contest was born in 2014 as a result of the collaboration between the Provincial Council of Cordoba and the Vinavin Association with the aim of promoting the vinegar sector.

The jury -composed of experts from the Royal Academy of Spanish Gastronomy, professional tasters, Ifapa technicians, members of denominations of origin, gastronomic critics and prestigious chefs- was made up of Jesús Flores, José María Blanco, Miguel Villa, Miriam Cozar, Remedios Marín, Almudena Villegas, Jesús M. Requena, Jonatan Armengol, Celia Jiménez, Daniel Pla, José Miguel Marrón, Pepe Ferrer, Raúl Márquez, José Luis Murcia, José María Montero, Manuel Luque, Pilar Marín, Pilar Ramírez, Cristina Moya, Fran León, Isidoro Garcia, Andrea Chicaiza and Mar Galván.

The director of the awards has been Rafael Moreno, director of the Chair of Gastronomy of Andalusia. The coordination of the event has corresponded to Rocío Márquez and Carmen María Requena -VINAVIN Association- supported by the Hostelry School of IES Gran Capitán.

As a result of the collaboration with the University of Cordoba, an electronic voting procedure has been developed for this edition that replaces the traditional handwritten form. This has made it possible to control the tasting in real time, obtain the results earlier, with greater richness of details and less possibility of human error.


Presentation of VINAVIN 2019





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